Golf mind performance

THE GOLF MIND PERFORMANCE. 1-day practical workshop at any golf club. Hitting golf balls is a magical way to conquer the impact of your limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and paradigms. As your balls fly consistently further and straighter than before... you'll be amazed, and your insights will be far-reaching.

The experience
It’s acknowledged that developing the mind is vital to achieve your true potential in sport. The ability to manage our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and confidence levels often makes the difference between success and failure. And though it’s the same in organizations, we’ve done very little to maximise that potential... until now!

We’ll show you how to use the power of your unconscious mind to play way beyond your expectations. The classroom work will also help you look at you – your attitudes, your belief systems, your behaviours – to enable you to make small yet dramatic changes that will impact your success in golf and in business and beyond. And, as the golf ball consistently soars into the distance, you’ll immediately be excited by the results.


  • Heightened awareness between the link between your mind and your results.
  • Insights into you, your beliefs and behaviours.
  • Increased awareness of your team and organisation's performance culture.
  • Learned skills, tools and techniques to achieve peak performance.
  • Dramatically improved use of your mind in business, life (and golf!) to achieve success beyond your wildest expectations.



"This programme provides participants with a 'wow' learning experience. The facilitation is extremely well-delivered and the use of golf as a metaphor for mental performance is extremely impactful. This day is always a talking point of the delegates from my organisation." Damion Wonfor, former Head of L&D, Zurich