Mind Out the Way

MIND OUT THE WAY. A simple yet mind-blowing in-company workshop (1-hour speech or 3-hour workshop) to provide you with a deep understanding about the human mind.

Learn to be 'in flow' more often - that feeling when you're confident, inspired, alive, full of ideas, connected to others, enjoying, not thinking & most productive.

What's this about?

Our thinking is at the heart of everything. Thinking creates our feelings, our total experience of life and all physical matter in the world. And in organisations, the quality of our thinking is the foundational factor that impacts our productivity, our creativity, our confidence and our connection with others.

It's long been acknowledged that developing the mind is vital to achieving your true potential in sport. And though it's the same in business, most do very little to learn how to maximise that potential.    

With employee engagement at an all-time low, and organisations constantly striving for even greater results, it's time to do something about it.

We'll teach you the Principles of the Human Mind, the operating manual for how your mind works. The Principles aren't complicated; but having never been taught them, it's likely you're not accessing the full power available to you. 

Learning the Principles will enable you to understand your thoughts, feelings and experience in any moment, and to access your deeper intuition. This understanding will help you transform your life and career in every moment. We know we're making a bold claim here, and it's one we can deliver on with confidence.

Ideal Applications 

  • A group or team that is struggling with a significant challenge 
  • An executive team looking for inspiration
  • A company division that needs to access breakthrough thinking  
  • An organisation, wanting a culture change that lasts
  • Two organisations, struggling to be integrated as one 


  • An understanding of the Principles of how the Human Mind works
  • Transformed thinking about you and your experience of life
  • Greater ability to operate 'in flow' in any moment
  • A new level of productivity, creativity, confidence & peace of mind
  • Transformed team-working when learning this together.


Note: We do not use the word 'transform' lightly.