Culture transformation

CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION: SCHOOL IN INNER-CITY LONDON, UK. Half-day or 1-day workshop at the school. You will experience something amazing in this primary school in inner-city London, which has achieved 'outstanding' results. You will learn more than you can believe about great leadership & culture. Be inspired into action!

The experience
This school serves the Aylesbury Estate, a deprived inner-city area off the Old Kent Road in London. When Liz took on the job as head teacher in 2005, she was 29 years old. The school faced many challenges at that time, with English SATs results well below national averages, high staff turnover, challenging behaviour from pupils, and under-developed links with parents.

In partnership with the pupils, staff, governors and parents, Liz has led a values-driven organisational transformation over the last four years. By every measure the improvement is remarkable. In November 2009, this was independently verified by a governmental Ofsted inspection, which judged the school to be ‘Outstanding’, a grade achieved by few schools nationally. It’s an inspiring story from which much can be learned.


  • Be touched by what this school has achieved.
  • Experience an inspiring organisational culture.
  • Gain insights into the power of values-led leadership.
  • Develop ideas for your own organisational transformation.



"I was totally unprepared for the positive impact that my visit would have on me. It was incredible. There is certainly much to be learned from the headteacher and environment at this wonderful school." Angela Whitty, Senior Director, Cisco Systems.