Arctic lessons

ARCTIC EXTREME LESSONS: ARE YOU ACHIEVING YOUR POTENTIAL? A one-hour inspirational speech or three-hour workshop. Learn the lessons about individual and team peak performance from the story of Martin Palethorpe's race to the Magnetic North Pole covering 350 miles in a team of three.

The experience
A number of pivotal elements are required to create a truly high-performing business team, including shrewd team selection, a compelling common purpose, clearly defined goals, good leadership, excellent team dynamic, a deep level of trust, accountability, commitment and communication. TeamPolarBears tested all these qualities to the extreme when we finished first in the Polar Challenge 2007.

Martin gives a highly practical and inspirational ‘High Performance’ speech and workshop that will teach you how to take individual and team performance to greater levels. By sharing the highs and lows, the agony and ecstasy of this unique Arctic adventure you will learn how to enhance your individual and team performance in your business.


You'll reflect on and learn:

  • The critical importance of teamwork
  • The power of a compelling vision and goal
  • That preparation and development gets you ahead
  • That large obstacles are part of any worthy achievement
  • That your mindset is everything!


"Martin has worked with us for a few years now. His presentation about his team challenge to the Magnetic North Pole is always inspiring and thought-provoking for our Senior Leaders and gives them an opportunity to evaluate both their personal and career performance." Lynn Twinn, former Head of L&D, Chubb Insurance.