Organisational development

It might be that your staff turnover is too high, or that your employee morale is at rock-bottom. Or that you want to be considered a 'great place to work'. It might be that you want your people to be achieving more. Or that you're making a significant organisational change, or you're merging two businesses. That sounds rather important. So what are you waiting for?

  • Our programmes
  • Cultural assessment: Using Barrett Values Centre CTT surveys to assess the culture of organisation, team and leaders.
  • 'Quality of Mind': A 3-day offsite to transform how people think and behave. This is the root to improving any culture. 
  • Organisational Development programmes: 3-month to 3-year programmes to assess and develop how your organisation works.
  • Creating high-performing environments: 3-month to 1-year coaching programmes to develop key aspects of a high-performing environment.
  • Stuff we may work on
  • Understanding the human mind
  • Vision, mission, strategy
  • Employee engagement
  • Culture, Values
  • High performance environment
  • Leadership
  • Mindset & belief
  • Alignment
  • Elephant heads
  • Employee involvement
  • Systems & Processes
  • Organisational structure
  • Clarity, openness
  • Whole systems change
  • The essence of our work

A healthy engaged organisation is fundamental to help you achieve better performance. Anything less than this will negatively impact your results.
We'll work closely with your leaders to gain their openness to change and vital sponsorship of any programme. We may start with a diagnostic to ascertain where your organisation is really at.
At commencement, we'll train you in the core principles of the human mind, which will be key to unlocking a new way of thinking. This pioneering approach will create a new level of quality dialogue and openness. It will enable leaders to lead in a new way and become the catalyst to create a healthy & higher performing organisation. At Pragma, we have the experience, tools and approach to cause a paradigm shift in how you work.