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David works with executives and managers to create deep, lasting change, which improves performance and increases personal fulfilment. His experience as a technology and business consultant over the last 8 years, and as a psychotherapist over the last 3, gives him a breadth of understanding that influences his approach. He uses this with great impact to help leaders realise their own potential. For well over a decade David has been fascinated by human psychology and high-performance. His work with the Human Mind brought him together with Martin Palethorpe, who acts as his mentor in the business world.

David has a passion for empowering leaders by illuminating the root of what underpins human performance and wellbeing. His strong orientation toward the big picture keeps the purpose for his client's change aligned, ensuring value both in the individual's direct experience and to the organization long-term. Clients credit his compassionate and stimulating style for provoking practical insight, and value his knowledge of psychology and ability to hear much more than the words being said.

  • A performance coach.
  • An expert in unlocking the power of the human mind.
  • An associate partner of the Pragma Group.
  • Founder of a non-profit organisation.
  • An extensive world-wide traveller.

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